Breakfast at Jinlye


Breakfast at Jinlye is a moving feast, so to speak. Our head chef, none other than the great Mitch Starr himself, is continually creating new dishes to set you up for the day, so just roll up, rock on and enjoy...

Here's a sample menu from a few weeks ago. Of course, it changes daily depending on what fresh juices, breads, pastries and delights the Lady of the House, Lynda, is preparing and what sort of mood good ole Mitch is in (usually pretty sunny and happy).



Good Morning


Today we have some specials for you:

Home made Melon and Raspberry Juice

Blackberry, Strawberry and Blackcurrant Smoothie

Home made Blueberry Muffins...

Or even Lynda's amazing Blueberry drop scones


Please help yourself from the sideboard to the following:

Organic Muesli, Honey Granola, Nutty Muesli, Cornflakes,

Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, Shredded Wheat

Fresh fruit on the table


- - - - - - - 

From our Aga kitchen:

Organic Porridge served with cream and brown sugar or honey

Wholemeal or white bread/toast

Freshly baked croissants, almost local Welsh cakes

Local marmalade, jam and honey

- - - - - - -


Freshly ground coffee, tea and alternative tea selections

- - - - - - -

Traditional farmhouse breakfast: bacon, sausage*, tomato, mushrooms, black pudding, eggs how you’d like them, potato cake, fried bread, baked beans… you choose

An amazing plate of bacon and mushroom fritters with Gruyere pockets served with a delicate tomato and apple catsup

Smoked salmon with coddled or scrambled eggs

     Kippers, with or without poached eggs


* vegetarian option


Contact Lynda or Alistair on 01694 723243 or use the contact form to book your vsit "on top of the world"!